Biorachan Beag Cèilidh Band

Dannsa Cèilidh - dè th' ann?

What is Ceilidh Dancing?

Agus Dannsa Dùthchail Albannach?

And Scottish Country Dancing?

Am bu toil libh faighinn a-mach?

Would you like to find out?

Thigibh mata, fairichibh agus faicibh:

Come then, experience and see:

Biorachan Beag Cèilidh Band!

Niall agus Sadie


07493-936946 (Niall)
07388-486319 (Sadie)
01471-844379 (home)

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2 Cnoc a' Chonaisg
Àird a' Bhàsair
An t-Eilean Sgitheanach
IV45 8RX

Eòlas agus Fiosrachadh / Experience and Info

Niall and Sadie's musical paths converged while playing at a Gaelic Burns Supper at Skye's Gaelic college, after which they found themselves forming both a band and a bond!

Since this fortuitous meeting, they have been engaged in various situations in Skye - helping out with local causes, supporting a junior dance group, entertaining at Hogmanay venues in Skye and Lochalsh and providing fitting music at weddings and functions, at Armadale Castle and Fairfield Nursing Home in Inverness. They were even called upon to play at their own wedding! This obviously arose from their popularity as respected musicians, and they have displayed their particular brand of energetic music in village halls and Sabhal Mòr Ostaig's Talla Dhonaidh Chaimbeil and Talla Mhòr.

Their current efforts see them attempting to make their mark on the North West Highlands and the consideration of producing a future cd.

Musician Profile

Seòidín / Sadie:

Sadie Gillan is of East Lothian stock who from a young age has been involved in Scottish country dancing and music. Robert, her father - an artist of some repute in his own immediate locality and further afield - encouraged his musical daughter in every way, and this attention saw Sadie take part in many major dance/music events in Edinburgh's Princes Street Gardens, as well as the Tattoo. And not only is Sadie a prizewinning accordionist, she is also a dance/tune composer and teacher/caller.


Niall Gòrdan (guitar/vocals) is a highly-accomplished Gaelic learner whose achievements include the publication of self-penned poems and songs, the translation of a soon-to-be-released book on the Skye Bridge tolls affair, and the winning of many awards at the National Mòd and in a bilingual Irish-Scottish Gaelic poetry competition in Galway. He has played in numerous bands, engaging in diverse musical forms such as heavy rock, country and western, dance music and traditional.

Rud Beag mu dheidhinn Ciùil

Bithear gu tric ag ràdh gur i Gàidhealtachd na h-Alba àite fìor cheòlmhor agus bòidheach - shaoileadh duine, mar sin, gun tèid an dà rud còmhla air dòigh. Agus tha sin fìor, thoir fanear. Nach leugh sibh a' bhileag seo agus rud neo dhà ionnsachadh mu dheidhinn dithisd a tha a' cumail suas nòsan Gàidhealach mar cheòl is òrain agus bàrdachd cuideachd. Agus gu dè tha “Biorachan Beag!” a' ciallachadh? Hmmm......

A Wee Bit about Music

It is said that the Scottish Highlands is a truly musical and scenic area - one would think, then, that the two things go together. And that is true, of course. Why not have a read of this leaflet and learn a thing or two about a twosome who are keeping up Highland customs such as music and songs and poetry as well. And what does "Biorachan Beag" mean? Hmmm.....

Biorachan Beag - fìor Ghàidhlig

Thig an t-ainm àraid seo à sgeul mu dheidhinn dà fheòrag a bhios a' lorg agus ag ithe chnòthan - le Biorachan Mòr ag sìor-ithe cuid Biorachan Beag dhiubh gus an spreag e! Mar sin, 's e ainm glè chothromach dhan chòmhlan-chiùil bheag seo - dh' fhaodar a ràdh gur daoine uasal ìseal an dithisd a tha an-sàs sa cheòl aca cuideachd, eucoltach ri Biorachan Mòr, a bha ag iarraidh cus sa cheann thall!

Little Squirrel - authentic Gaelic

This particular name comes from a story concerning two squirrels who seek and eat nuts - with Big Squirrel eating Little Squirrel's share until he explodes! Therefore, it is a highly appropriate name for this little band - it could be said that this twosome who are involved in their music are humble and noble folk, very unlike Big Squirrel, who in the end wanted too much! The literal meaning is “Small Pointed One”, a fine desciption of a much-loved Highland resident.


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